BOSS Awards

BOSS (Business of Success Beyond Sports), is a foundation that emphasizes the student in student-athlete by providing tools and support to their members’ academic endeavors as well as sports-related pursuits.

On Fri, January 26, 2018 leaders of the E.A.T. Foundation attended the First Annual BOSS Awards. The award ceremony focused on celebrating the dedication and work ethic of outstanding student-athletes and honoring professionals in the sports industry who have created an impact echoed outside of the industry.

Throughout the ceremony, our leaders were able to absorb motivation from the key speakers and the documented structural elements and longevity of BOSS. The atmosphere also allowed us to conceive more ideas for the growth and development of E.A.T.

As a token of support to BOSS’s mission, E.A.T. Co-founders Davionne Amie and Lorenzo McCloud donated a signed Houston Rockets jersey by James Harden to BOSS’s silent auction. As a non-profit ourselves, we understand the importance of fund allocation, and hope our contribution was ample for the maintenance of such an impactful organization.

We hope to see BOSS continuously growing and affecting more student-athletes in the near future.