California African American Museum

Since February is nationally designated as Black History Month, the E.A.T. Foundation decided to take  a few kids to the California African American Museum.

Visiting a museum was an initially yawning idea to the kids, but once they began interacting with the exhibits, they realized they were all pieces that connected to who they are.

They were even inspired by a few pieces of Adler’s Guerrier’s Conditions and Forms for Blck Longevity that incorporated landscape photographs of Los Angeles, tissue paper, and paint, to go back home and recreate pieces of their own.

How Sweet the Sound was a heartfelt experience for LaRhonda, who became nostalgic to her upbringing to gospel music and the connection it created with her now absent mother. She even gave us some additional insight on her two favorite gospel singers –Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin.

Circles and Circuits was a very colorful ending to our trip, and got the kids excited to see pieces with some fun and movement. They became ecstatic to see a popular piece known as Madonna and Child reinvented to be reflective of African roots, and therefore see themselves in modern art.


With this trip, we wanted to encourage our mentees to explore their own backyard for gems of self-development. We also wanted to celebrate the cultural background and history of the African diaspora, and encourage them to use this history as a driving tool in the creation of their own, and it seems like we were successful in planting those seeds.